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Deep Purple Acai Berry™

Deep Purple Acai Berry™

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Product Features:

  • 100% Pure Açaí Berry (imported from Brazil)
  • 120 Capsules Per Bottle
  • Strongest Dose Available
    (ORAC of 42,000 per bottle)
  • Not an Extract!
  • Not a 5:1 or 4:1 concentrate
  • Not blended with fillers
    (check our label by clicking 'View Label'
    below the bottle image to the left)
  • Certified Organic (No Pesticides)
  • No Toxic Chemicals or Preservatives
  • Flash Freeze Dried
    (the ONLY method of processing that will retain the maximum nutrients of the berry)
  • Backed by Our Certified "Feel Better -OR- It's Free™" 60-Day Guarantee (see below...)
  • No Auto-Billing, No Auto-Shipping Nothing to Cancel, EVER!

We don't sell any product without a lot of research. And that research has convinced us that nothing delivers more 100% Pure Brazilian Açaí Berry than this brand at 1000mg of Organic Freeze Dried Açaí per serving.

...... and if you've been watching us for very long, then you know when science reveals something new, we will change brands in a second and let you know why we changed.

So if you've seen any research that we need to see, please click "help" in the upper right of this page and let us know!

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